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Quality & Natural Beauty

Aalgo is a family owned and operated business, with its origin stemming from a family ailment of very bad eczema.

From a baby Tom suffered from very debilitating and itchy eczema. Having tried every known medication and diet, with no success, his parents brought him to Switzerland and to the US to seek other treatments. Unfortunately to no avail.

Skin Treatment

Dry Skin

Aalgo is a 100% seaweed product designed for skin hydration and pain relief. It is effective for dry skin and can be used in baths. For dry skin, Aalgo can be used as a paste or added to lukewarm baths, aiding in exfoliating dead skin cells. For pain relief, particularly arthritis, it's suggested to add two spoons of Aalgo to a warm bath and soak for immediate relief, repeating daily for continuous pain management. After bathing, patting dry without rubbing leaves an invisible residue of Aalgo, which continues to be absorbed through the skin.


Body & Scalp
Although plaqued skin is a severe condition it can be managed using the power of the sea. Aalgo seaweed powder works by exfoliating the plaque, and by daily bathing red blotches gradually decrease resulting in clear skin. This gentle treatment can be used on the scalp, face and other sensitive areas in paste form and added to the bath for full body usage.


Aalgo can be used for Thalasso Therapy as a home spa treatment. De-Stress, Chill out, Clear Your Head and Re-Energize with a home Thalassotherapy Spa. Proven to remove cellulite when applied as a paste directly to your skin as a seaweed wrap Aalgo gives amazing result without the spa price.


Children & Adults
The healing properties of seaweed have been known for centuries and most especially for the skin. Seaweed is now medically accepted as a treatment for helping eczema. Aalgo, Organic 100% seaweed powder, brings the ocean home for a therapeutic bath. Proven over the last twenty five years to ease itchy or dry skin on babies, children and adults. Heals and soothes irritated skin by killing the itch, promoting the growth of new healthy skin. Suitable for atopic eczema


Aalgo hydrating seaweed facial. The powers of seaweed immediately hydrate our skin and the high level of vitamins enrich the skins natural glow causing an anti-aging affect. The skin naturally absorbs this seaweed resulting in a refreshed, smooth complexion. This facial is suitable for all skin types, it is especially successful when treating acne or acne rosacea. The seaweed powder works remarkably to eradicate spots and blackheads. This easy to apply seaweed mask is a completely natural and organic product – no additives or preservatives!

Hands & Feet

Aalgo, a natural and organic seaweed powder, is beneficial for those with skin problems on hands or feet and for aching joints. It can be added to a footspa or bath for pain relief or mixed into a paste for direct application. For sore feet, add a large spoonful to a footspa or basin, soaking for at least 30 minutes initially until the pain subsides. With repeated daily use, the required soaking time typically reduces to around 15 minutes. For arthritis, daily use is recommended as it provides pain relief for approximately 24 hours. After soaking, simply pat the feet dry.
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