Circle of life - from ocean to people and back to the Earth

With a deep commitment to sustainability and a connection to the ocean, we ensure the vitality of seaweed for generations to come

Paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future

As a sequester of carbon from our environment, seaweed takes five times the rate of carbon than any land-based plant. It needs no pesticides, grows at the rate of knots and forms beautiful marine environments along our magnificent shores. And, it’s fully renewable!

A solution to the world’s ocean crisis

  • All our packaging is 100% recyclable & reusable
  • Packed by hand
  • Seaweed regenerates completely on its own
  • Hand picked, dried and pulverized
  • 100% organic wild Atlantic seaweed
  • Thrives in abundance in its natural habitat

Hand harvesting

Our wild seaweed is foraged at low tide, when the shore is most exposed. We carefully hand-pick only a small portion of each plant from the pristine waters of Western Ireland, harvesters pick above the growth area allowing natural regeneration and abundant growth. Our traditional harvesting is carried out in strict rotation to allow the Seaweed to regrow completely by itself before we return to it. This practice is at the heart of our mission to protect and preserve marine ecosystems. By working sustainably with the sea, we create products that give life to your skin and will change your skincare story forever.

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