Muscle Recovery

Seaweed is naturally rich in iodine, an essential trace mineral crucial for a high-energy metabolism, which is vital for optimal athletic performance. Iodine supports thyroid health, regulating metabolism, energy levels, and the health of bones and muscles. Scientific research shows that seaweed baths significantly enhance your body’s ability to absorb iodine, aiding in muscle recovery and reducing lactic acid build-up.

An Aalgo bath offers a critical component to optimising your overall health and wellbeing and our goal is to assist your body’s natural healing ability, so it performs at its best, so you feel your best

An Aalgo bath ensures such deep relaxation that it helps bring your body and mind back to its natural state after any level of work out. The nutrient rich seaweed helps speed up your body’s recovery time and as we all know recovery and rest is just as important as training to achieve your optimal performance levels. For you to be at your best for your next activity, it is essential that you give your body the time it needs to recover from the stress of workouts. 

Not only will our Aalgo recovery bath help you perform better and recover more quickly, it will also decrease your chances of training related injuries. A sports recovery treatment before working out can also enhance your performance levels, giving you that extra edge to win.

Thanks to Aalgo’s easily absorbable high nutrient and mineral content, your body gains a boost of rejuvenating, anti-aging micronutrients. 


After a workout, add 2 tablespoons of Aalgo to a hot bath. Allow the bath to cool slightly, then soak for 20 minutes. Finish with a short cold-water shower.

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