Balancing Act: Navigating the Challenges of Home Schooling

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Home schooling starts back tomorrow, and is it just me or is anyone else sort of dreading it but also longing for the structure after a few crazy weeks of holiday?

If I am honest our first week of home school was great, the schools hadn’t officially closed yet, so I just tried to wing t. We did our own PE, then I made up some maths challenges for each of our three (all different levels), I made up stories and got them to write (or draw) about it and we also did some reading. It was fun and relaxed; week one of being off school was a novelty for us all!

Sadly, it didn’t exactly continue like that. Week two the schools actually closed and the incredible teachers that the children have, worked so hard to give us tasks, and homework and topics to learn about and honestly it was incredible what the teachers were able to get over to us. I, however, was completely overwhelmed. I have one laptop (Which is also now my home working office) and I have one iPhone. The kids do not have phones, iPads or laptops, as we are trying to limit their use of technology whilst they are still so young.

I found the following weeks before the Easter holidays very challenging, the children really wanted to get all their work done but it felt impossible unless we all spent the entire day in front of the laptop. So, I did about half of what was due in, the kids were fine, happy out, having fun, yet I was completely stressed about them falling behind and spending too much time in front of the screens.

I think I was so overwhelmed with the actual schoolwork that I didn’t think of how much they must be missing.  

The children have now been away from school for 5 weeks and they are really missing their friends. I am sure they are also missing their much calmer and qualified teachers, who actually know what they are doing, unlike myself. They are also, I am certain, missing the help they get and give to their classmates, the playground, the jokes and silliness in class…so many things. 

This has me thinking a lot about all children who have sensitive skin during this time. How all this change and anxiety must be affecting them.

Some children will have tantrums, some will be completely relaxed and not notice any of this, but for some it will affect them, it will irritate their skin, their scalp, their sleep and their comfort.

Some children may wake up in the middle of the night, upset and confused? Are they feeling stress because of the restrictions? Perhaps making time for them to play around in an Aalgo bath before bedtime would help. Aalgo seaweed will relax their muscles and ease them, and just playing in the bath will allow them to completely de-stress.

Some who have experienced eczema in the past, may find they are facing new flare ups, itchy elbows and knees, sore and red eyelids. For those who are seeing flareups reappear, run a lukewarm Aalgo bath for your child, and allow them to splash around in it. You can relax while they are in an Aalgo bath, knowing they’ll fall asleep peacefully tonight. Aalgo seaweed exfoliates away the dry, scaling skin, but it will also calms the itch, helping your children sleep, and it will also soothe the heat and redness that can come with eczema.

Teenagers may be experiencing severe acne with the uncertainty of exams and study pressure, added to not being able to socialise with their friends. For those experiencing breakouts, do not worry, it is just the stress! Apply an Aalgo facial for just 5mins, three times a week. Try to embrace this home time and allow your skin to breathe, keep it clean and your skin will be able to enjoy some breathing space. Drink lots of water to rehydrate your skin also.

So, I’m here this evening wondering how I’m going to approach home schooling moving forward?

I will try and stick to a more structured routine, because I believe myself and the children need that. We will endeavour to do as much schoolwork as possible, but we will also make time for relaxing, and we will have fun. I’m not a teacher, I could never be a teacher, so I have to stop trying, and I have to go back to what I can do, create a safe environment where we can learn a little and enjoy the day.    

On the days when the stress gets the better of me, I will remember to take time out, soak in that bath when everyone’s in bed to ensure a solid night’s sleep, have an Aalgo facial at lunchtime to feel cleansed and calm. Enjoy some afternoon downtime where everyone reads quietly so I have time to think and recharge.

We all need to remember this is not easy for anyone, trying to home school, work, keep everyone fed and sane is a challenge. Maybe I can start by chilling out on the schooling and who knows, we may even achieve more, and have more fun in the process.



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