Discover timeless beauty with our powerhouse, sustainable seaweed skincare.

Our brand is built on a legacy of discovering the oceans incredible capacity to heal and renew, a deep knowing passed down to the next generation. Inspired by a mother & fathers limitless wish for their daughter to dream big and respect the earth’s bounty, we celebrate nature’s power in everyday life. Our story honours the past, celebrates the present, and looks forward to future generations.

At Aalgo, we exist to harness the power of 100% pure, organic Atlantic seaweed creating sustainable skincare solutions for every person, skin type and condition. By transforming skin health, we empower our community to celebrate the skin they’re in, and embrace the beauty of nature while protecting our precious planet.

Sourced from the nutrient-rich Atlantic Ocean, our multifaceted products regenerate and deliver fresh, luminous skin. Seaweed, a natural powerhouse for skin health is deeply hydrating, packed with nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, bioactive minerals, and amino acids. Its anti-bacterial, skin-rebuilding, and anti-inflammatory properties make it dynamic ingredient for skincare. Plus, it’s all-natural and readily available around us. 


Through the transformative benefits of marine seaweed, a scientifically proven powerhouse, we optimise skin health to improve tone, texture, and smooth fine lines- a game changer to refresh & revitalise every individual skins, no matter the skin type or condition.

With a deep commitment to sustainability and a connection to the ocean, we ensure the vitality of seaweed for generations to come. We carefully hand-pick only a small portion of each plant from the pristine waters of Western Ireland, allowing natural regeneration and abundant growth. 

This practice is at the heart of our mission to protect and preserve marine ecosystems. By working sustainably with the sea, we create products that give life to your skin and will change your skincare story forever.

The ocean is the foundation of life and our future, and inspires every aspect of our brand. At Aalgo, our story and yours are woven together in celebration of the beauty and diversity of our global community – from seaweed foragers to makers and innovators, past and present. We’re excited to share our product with the world, exploring and discovering true wellness in the simplicity of nature.

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