We exist to harness the power of 100% pure, organic Atlantic seaweed creating sustainable skincare solutions for every person, skin type and condition. By transforming skin health, we empower our community to celebrate the skin they’re in, embrace the beauty of nature and protect our planet.

Sourced from the nutrient-rich Atlantic Ocean, our multifaceted products regenerate and deliver fresh, luminous skin. Seaweed, a natural powerhouse for skin health is deeply hydrating, packed with nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, bioactive minerals, and amino acids. Its anti-bacterial, skin-rebuilding, and anti-inflammatory properties make it dynamic ingredient for skincare.

Plus, it’s all-natural and readily available around us. Through the transformative benefits of marine seaweed, a scientifically proven powerhouse, we optimise skin health to improve tone, texture, and smooth fine lines- a game changer to refresh & revitalise everyone’s skin, no matter the skin type or condition.

Certified organic, our ultra-pure product features a single marine ingredient—100% wild seaweed, with nothing added and nothing taken away. This multifunctional product caters to a wide range of applications and skin types, offering numerous benefits and addressing various skin concerns. The ocean is the foundation of life and our future. From it, our product draws its singular, pure essence. Today, we foster a deep appreciation for creativity and environmental stewardship, showcasing our unwavering commitment to supporting our community, foragers, and artisans within the seaweed industry.

Our brand holds inclusive vision of beauty and wellness. We care for all skin, hair and body types, championing the diversity of all. We positively impact our community, regenerating and delivering healthy, luminous skin, transforming the lives of people on a global scale. We’re about empowering people to love the skin they are in, celebrating their own unique beauty.

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